{ Jenni + Courtney | Wedding Day }  

Indianapolis, IN:  This gorgeous pair became husband and wife in October and they were beyond excited for their wedding day to finally arrive!  Morgan Acres Farm was where their beautiful outdoor ceremony and indoor barn reception took place. Their friends and family traveled from all over the country to celebrate the new union of this lovable couple. It was unseasonably cold and blustery but the gorgeous colors of autumn and unique rustic venue made up for the unpredictable weather they endured. Jenni and Courtney have been such a delight to get to know over the past year.  Capturing their laughter, pure joy when together and happiness through this milestone has been an honor.  We enjoyed working along side Jodie and her team of Aisle Ready Events who made this celebration run smoothly and stress free!  Thank you J + C for inviting us into your lives! We know you will have a lifetime of happiness together! Enjoy browsing through our favorite images from this special day!  – S+B

Stunning bouquet by Sweet Pea Floral design!
Adorable 1st look for pre-ceremony photos!
Jenni, you are simply gorgeous!
Beautifully unique cake by Heavenly Sweets!
Ended the night with a yummy s’more bar!  Perfect autumn reception!

  { Our Twins | First Birthday }  

Happy Birthday Emmaline Ruby + Hazel Rose!

And just like that our twin baby girls have turned 1 year old!  What a year it has been and our lives forever changed through this experience of having multiples….and 3 kiddos under the age of 3!  Much of this year we were in survival mode and running on fumes from putting all of our energy into loving on and caring for our little ones.  However we made it to the ONE year mark with TWINS and an older child { Rhett was only 2.5 when the babies arrived } and everyone survived and are healthy…YAY!!!  Nothing worth having comes easy and we worked HARD pushing through the last 12 months of parenting 3 babies while working full time with 4 different businesses between Brock and me, rocking restless littles through the night, constant feedings during the day and night, lots of meltdowns, hospital stays, endless diaper changes { Rhett didn’t decide to finally potty train until a couple months past his 3rd birthday }  and simply giving our all to make sure our family was our top priority above all else…If you came to our house in the last year or saw us out in public you got a full glimpse of the crazy that we were in…HA!  We can proudly say we have come out the other side stronger, wiser, more generous/selfless and much more humble.  Having more than one small child/two babies at one time pushes you to the max and when you are in the thick of it is hard to see any progress…but looking back over what we have endured and overcome over the last 365 + days, Brock and I can say that it was worth it all!  And now that we are through some of the most physically exhausting parts of baby-hood life, it will only get better from here on out!

Enjoy some sweetness from Emmaline Ruby and Hazel Rose’s 1st birthday party photos at our home the week of Thanksgiving.  These tiny gals are such blessings!  They are different in every way possible but that just allows us to love their unique qualities in different ways.

1st cupcakes/sugar for the babies!  Rhett is the cutest big brother and adores his babies!

A cute little birthday film that Daddy made for the girls:

babies from Brock Childs on Vimeo.

  { Our Family | Summer 2015 }  

So many favorite images from our own summer family session last July with our dear friend and super talented photographer Kelsey!  Our twin fraternal baby girls were almost 8 months old and mastering their next big milestone of starting to fully sit up on their own.  It had also been quite surprising how different our girls are in every way!  Emmaline Ruby is perfectly chubby, loves to cuddle { And usually prefers mommy}, is the best sleeper of the 3, has the creamiest skin and bright blue eyes and she also has the sweetest little quiet spirit about her.  Hazel Rose has been a loud free spirit since birth…she wants to be on the go and NEVER still { Or will sleep very long }, she also likes to be on her own schedule, has the most vibrant smile,  LOVES to laugh and interact with her older brother, prefers her daddy { Because he is silliest } and she simply soaks up the world around her with her constant curiosity.  Rhett had recently turned 3 years old on May 15th and was as spunky as ever!  He has a kind and gentle soul however he is also a wild tiny red-head!  It was a beautiful warm summer evening back in July at my favorite farm and despite all 3 kiddos having major crying meltdowns on the car ride to the shoot, everyone was actually pretty well behaved for Kelsey { I was crossing my fingers!!! with 3 kiddos under 3…I knew the challenge it would be }!  We also brought along the wooden rocking chair that my own mom rocked me in as a baby…so very special to now cuddle my babies in it!  Brock and I are beyond blessed to have been chosen to raise these little blessings.  The baby/toddler stage is a tough one..full of CONSTANT challenges, little sleep and is a juggling act…but is also extremely rewarding at the same time!  Thank you to Kelsey for always being the most thoughtful friend to us and capturing so many gorgeous images that we will cherish for a lifetime!  – Stefanie

The rocking chair my own mom rocked me in as a baby!
{ Emmaline Ruby + Hazel Rose }

  { Waiting On Our New Niece }  

We are SO very excited to meet our new niece by January 2nd 2016!  My beautiful older sister is expecting her 3rd little bundle of joy soon and we are beyond happy for another girl in our family!  A few weeks back I photographed a quick maternity session in my sister’s colorful backyard during a stunning autumn sunset.  Adrianne and Jeremy are wonderful parents and truly our biggest support system since we have had our own kiddos.  They are always there for our every need and we would be lost without them!  Gorgeous Brooklyn is already 7 years old this fall and is flourishing in 1st grade.  Handsome little Logan is now a spunky 4 year old and our Rhett’s best buddy.  We can’t wait for this new baby girl to be best friends with our twin girls since they will only be 1 year apart.  Adrianne really is one of the most gorgeous pregnant women you will ever see and she is all belly!  Blessed to have these 5 as our family and to be living life so close by their side!  Enjoy some of our favorite people in the world…the growing Willoughby family!  – Stefanie

Cute little “Made By Molly” Mocs!

  { Eisley + Nathan + Madi | Family Session }  

Carmel, IN:  The adorable Madi and Nathan have made many appearances on our blog over the last few years since their engagement session!  I could really photograph their new little family monthly because they are just such delightful clients, absolutely gorgeous and have become wonderful friends of ours!  You may remember baby Eisley was born only a couple days prior to our twin baby girls…so she is almost 1 year old at the end of November!  My how time has flown by!  She is full of smiles, the brightest round eyes and has the cutest little spunky personality…she simply brings happiness to everyone she meets!  I recently captured the 1 year session at Coxhall Gardens on a gorgeous fall evening!  The autumn colors, temperature and location were picture perfect!  Eisley is the light of her parent’s life and I have been honored to capture their joy and affection during this special stage of life for them!  Enjoy only some of my favorites from this most recent family session…had a hard time narrowing them down! – Stefanie

Isn’t she just the cutest??!!

Some precious 1st birthday images…

  { Nolan + Carrie + Brad | Family Session }  

Indianapolis, IN:  We have adored Carrie and Brad since being in a small group with them at our Church { TPCC } a few years back.  They are just so easy to love…genuine, kind-hearted and laid back.  These proud parents now have handsome little Nolan and he is darling.  Carrie and Brad are wonderful parents and Nolan is one blessed boy to call them his.  Their 1st big family session took place at a local farm on a gorgeous autumn evening filled with colorful leaves and a pretty sunset.  Nolan wasn’t very happy about getting photographed and cried through most of the session however you would never know by looking through the images…he made me work extra hard but I was able to document some smiles, cuddles and sweet emotion through the tired toddler tears.  Enjoy some favorites from this cute little family! – Stefanie

  { Aiden + Blake + Anna + Shane + Carlie | Family Session }  

Indianapolis, IN:  This adorable family was such a delight to photograph on one of the most beautiful Autumn evenings we had last month! Aiden and Blake were bursting with constant silliness and energy but are such handsome little men.  Sweet Anna could hold her own with those rowdy big brothers of hers and she is such a pretty little lady!  Carlie and Shane are wonderfully patient, kind-hearted and gentle parents…they couldn’t love their 3 kiddos more! Even though the boys are growing up, I enjoyed capturing all of the cuddles, smooches and warm embraces they still liked getting from mom and dad…and how precious they could be with their little sister when I asked for certain poses.  It was a fun evening of exploring an abandon farm, playing in the colorful leaves, throwing footballs and documenting the happiness this family shares when together.  Carlie and Shane, thank you for allowing me to capture your darling family!  Enjoy some of my favorites from cute rustic session! – Stefanie

  { Randi + Drew | Engagement Session }  

Columbus, OH:  This adorable pair had a lovely engagement session around the Ohio State University campus where they met during college and their journey together began.  It was a gorgeous October day for their shoot and these two couldn’t be a more perfect match for one another!  We so enjoyed getting to know Randi and Drew while capturing their constant laughter, genuine personalities and pure happiness while together.  They made our jobs easy with how laid back they both are and how they effortlessly interact with such admiration and respect for each other…such a delightful couple!  We ventured around their old stopping ground and took photos near some of their special places…where they met, had classes, hung out and simply captured the love they feel.  Randi and Drew will be getting married next September and we are so very excited to be a part of their wedding celebration!  We know these two will have unending joy in their lives as a married team.  Enjoy some of our favorites from this cute campus engagement session!

Randi, you are gorgeous!

  { Emily + Sarah + Katie + Graham + Jenny | Family Session }  

Brownsburg, IN:  We love these dear friends of ours!  Jenny and Graham are as sweet, genuine and kind-hearted as they come!  We have so enjoyed growing our friendship with them over the last few years!  One of the reasons we click so well is because they are in the exact same life stage as us…they had a toddler when their twin girls arrived!  Only other parents with multiples + a toddler understand the craziness of balancing 3 littles under 3…while having 2 careers and trying to stay on top of general life…it is an exhausting juggling act for sure!  But when you find another family going through it too, you have a connection and support system that is unlike any other!  Emily and Sarah are a few months ahead of our twins so it was nice to receive advice, outgrown clothes and a vision for what would be happening next over the last year!  Jenny and Graham are such wonderful and patient parents to their 3 beautiful little ladies…photographing their precious interactions and joy 4 times now has been delight!  This most recent session took place at their gorgeous home.  We started with some lifestyle images indoors and then ventured outside where the property is surrounded by picture perfect colorful trees and a peaceful lake that fills their stunning backyard.   Thank you J + G for being wonderful role models for us in parenthood and for valuing the time it takes for family photos with us even when you are in such a busy life stage!  Enjoy our favorites from this sweet family session!  – Stefanie

Their stunning backyard!

  { Angela + Zach | Engagement Session }  

Indianapolis, IN:  Angela and Zach call downtown Indianapolis home so the city streets made for the perfect backdrop to their recent engagement session!  These two are as sweet as can be and are a true delight to be around!  We loved documenting their easy going personalities, constant smiles/laughter and pure happiness when being together.  They are simply easy to adore!  We started their session along the Canal where Zach proposed to Angela last spring and then ventured around the Mass Ave area.  It was a beautiful October evening for photos!  We even ended the night with a fun ride on a couple of the Indianapolis Pacers bikes that are all around Indy right now…that made for some good laughs too!  These two will be married in just a few months in January and we can’t wait to capture their special wedding day!  Enjoy some favorites from this cute engagement session!

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