Aiden + Kimberly + Jay  

Indianapolis, IN:  Little Aiden might be the happiest baby I have ever met!  He smiles almost non-stop and was quite the mover at only 6 months…He was already starting to crawl and could stay standing up, holding on to a surface all by himself!  Aiden is the light of his mom and dad’s life and Kimberly and Jay are such wonderful parents.  It was so much fun to capture this little family interacting!  I left this session being even more excited to welcome our first baby into the world!  Hoping our little man is as happy as Aiden!  Kim and Jay, thank you for being such great people…you are a joy!  – Stefanie

Look at that happy face!

Can you believe those long lashes?!

A few more in Aiden’s cute baseball themed nursery.

Favorite from the session…oh that face…just makes you smile!!!


  • Kimberly Jewell

    Stephanie, you are amazing!!! I love them all. Aiden enjoyed our time with you and later that afternoon started trying to make the noises you made while trying to get him to look at you. It was so cute! We can’t wait to see pictures of your little man when he arrives! Thank you!!!

  • He sure is a smiler! Love them!

  • Lindsey Walker

    Where did they get that adorable fenway park sign? I would LOVE to know! Also, incredible photos!


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