Alison + Josh  

Edinburgh, IN:  Alison and Josh are such sweethearts.  They are soft spoken, genuine and kind people.  We were excited to actually be able to complete their engagement session this month, after having to reschedule due to weather 4 times!  We finally ended up with a pretty October evening for their shoot.  We had a fun couple hours of walking around a farm, getting to know each other better and talking about wedding plans.  Alison and Josh will be getting married next month and we are looking forward to being a part of their special day!


  • Love the Henry Breeding Farm! You guys killed it! Nice job.

  • Alison

    LOVE them! Stefanie and Brock, you did an amazing job! I was so worried because Josh and I never can take a good picture together. You are truly talented and it makes me even more excited for the wedding in a month! Thank you so much!

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