Indianapolis, IN:  You might remember Ashley’s siblings, Hunter and Anna that we photographed last year.  These three kids have the most beautiful hair, skin and eyes!  However not only are these kids adorable, they are also very well behaved and respectful!  This summer it was time for Ashley’s big photo shoot.  She was super excited to have her photos taken and a morning out with her mom (without her big brother and sister).  She was a perfect little model.  Ashley didn’t even need help posing…can you believe she is only 3 years old???

  • She is a DOLL!!! I love your processing here….so ethereal!

  • are you KIDDING me with this cuteness?! Oh, and that light?!!?! CHECK AND MARK! I’m with Gail… LOVING the processing!

  • helen

    Oh MY GOSH!!! That is a wonderful setting!! What a beautiful little girl

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