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Brinlee + Lila + Brian + Sarah + Jessica + Kelly

Westfield, IN:  Oh how baby Brinlee melts our hearts!  This perfectly chunky baby girl with her bright eyes and blond curls is so precious!  Brinlee is also a VERY happy baby.  She hardly cried during the session and gave many happy smiles.  Poor Brian is way out numbered when it comes to girls in his family…5 girls!!!  But he couldn’t be a sweeter dad to all of his daughters.  We had the opportunity to photographed around a family friend’s amazing property for Brinlee’s 9 month photos and current family photos.  Jessica and Kelly, who are both in college, absolutely adore their 2 little sisters.  Lila is also one of the most well behave little girls we have ever had the chance to photograph.  She listens to every direction and is such a little poser for the camera.  And Sarah (who I know is excitedly awaiting this blog post), you are such a lovely mother to all of your girls and you are always such a joy to work with!  Thank you for valuing family portraits as much as you do!  Here are some of our favorites!


We had some gorgeous evening sunlight!


You can’t help but smile looking at that sweet face!


Love the interaction between the girls in this image.