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est. 2005
Handcrafted images

{ Cason + Ellodie + Kenli + Jennifer + Brandon }

Avon, IN:  This gorgeous group is always a treat to photograph! The Soots Family is oh so photogenic but most importantly they are kind, genuine & enjoy every moment together! I loved documenting their laughter, silliness & all the cuddles. This year we went to their rustic farm property that they own, on a simply stunning late summer evening! Handsome big brother Cason adores his little sisters & it was cute watching him take care of them. And those bright blonde haired beauties are filled with energy & pure sweetness & some spunk! Could they be more darling??!! Jennifer & Brandon are also talented Indy photographers…so it is always an true honor to be asked to capture their lives!  Enjoy viewing my MANY favorites from this session on our …I had the worst time attempting to narrow them down from the several hundred final images :  Thank you J & B…I adore you all! xoxo, Stefanie