Christopher + Ayanna + Chris  

Indianapolis, IN:  Major CUTE baby alert within this post!  Six month old Christopher melted my heart with his big brown eyes and endless chunky baby rolls.  He was also very happy for his photo shoot!  Ayanna and Chris are adorable parents.  It was so fun to observe them interacting with their little man.  Ayanna cracked me up with her silly songs she sang to Christopher, which always brought a big smile to his face.  I photographed their session around their beautifully decorated home and outdoors in the pretty evening sunlight.  I look forward to photographing this sweet family again soon! – Stefanie


Perfect little family!


Ayanna, you are a beautiful mother!


Resting for a quick snack with his mom in between outfit changes.


Love those baby thighs!


Christopher looks like he is praying…Could he be any more precious?!


  • Amanda Froes

    You are right, he is the CUTEST! Makes photagraphing him even more enjoyable, I’m sure!

  • Leah Miller

    He is SOOO cute!

  • How fantastically PRECIOUS is this little man??!!! Those rolls — GAHHH!!!

    PS – Speaking of GAH — their home is TO DIE FOR! All my life I’ve dreamed of a window ledge in my home like that! Perfect spot to cuddle!

  • Brooke

    What a beautiful family, and such an adorable little guy! The pic with his hands folded like he is praying is to precious for words. Beautiful work!

  • Courtney

    LOVE the “praying” pic. And I love his little outfit with the tie… Too cute. What a beautiful family…

  • Oh my word all those baby rolls are just the cutest. Way to capture that perfect of him! And to capture the awesome architecture of their home!

  • Brianna Wetzel

    He is the CUTEST baby!! Look at his face full of expression and happiness! Not to mention how adorable the baby rolls are!!

  • Danielle Clark-McDonald

    Holy wow, their home is gorgeous!!!! Love the photos!!

  • Love the praying one…so sweet!

  • The problem with your posts is that I can NEVER pick a favorite because I truly love every single image. That tie?! Give me a break. One of my favorite shoots of yours! Beautiful job Stef and Brock :)

  • Kristy Jones

    OMG! These pictures are amazing! I can’t believe you want to sell your house! It’s just as cute as your family! ;)

  • Anika

    These pictures are absolutely stunning!! I loved every single one of them and the folks in them ;-) Beautiful family!


    Chris is such a sweet adorable baby boy. These pictures do the family proud. Oh, mom and dad look good too!

  • absolutely the perfect family session!

  • Beverly Franklin

    The pictures are perfect.

  • Joni B

    King Family…you guys are absolutely beautiful. Ayanna you photograph so well…BREATHTAKING!

    jONI b

  • Kyna

    Ayanna and Chris, photos are simply beautiful. Stef and Brock, you guys rock as usual!

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