Ella + Ava + John + Sally  

Sheridan, IN:  I had such a fun session with this sweet family!  Ella is a bubbly 5 year old and Ava an energy-filled and lovable 2.5 year old.  These little gals kept me on my toes while we ran through fields and played around an old farm on a pretty August evening.  Ella and Ava were very photogenic with their gorgeous blonde and light brown curls, stunning bright eyes and happy smiles.  I loved hearing them giggle together and watching them interact with their darling parents.  These 2 little beauties are also probably some of the most well behaved kids I have ever photographed.  They were always polite and respectful to me and their mom and dad!  I could see that John and Sally are amazing parents and are raising 2 perfect little ladies!  I look forward to having the opportunity to capture this cute family again soon! – Stefanie


  • Love these cuties and the location!!

  • Leah


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