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est. 2005
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Lilliana + Nolan + Stephanie + Nick

Plainfield, IN:  We have photographed this adorable family 7 times over the past few years.  Steph and Nick’s wedding, to family photos with their babies.  We always have lots of laughs when we are together and it is always exciting to capture them at the next stage of their lives.  They welcomed the newest addition to their family, Lilliana, a couple weeks ago.  She is precious in every way and was a perfect little model for us to photograph!  Big brother Nolan was full of energy as always and kept Brock busy with monter trucks, running around the house and giving piggy-back rides.  It was hilarious to watch the two of them play together!  Stephanie and Nick are amazing parents and we look forward to seeing them again soon when Lilliana is 6 months!


One of our favorite baby photos to date!


Stephanie did a fabulous job decorating the nursery and adding perfect little details.


Nolan having a blast with Brock!


She couldn’t be more precious!


Steph, you are a beautiful Mommy!