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est. 2005
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Logan + Greyson + Y’Nesha + Devin

Indianapolis, IN:  Logan and Greyson are some of the cutest munchkins I have had the opportunity to photograph!  Their joyful smiles, big brown eyes, and sweet personalities, make them so easily lovable.  Their energetic spirits kept me on my toes, while capturing them playing inside and outside of their home.  Y’Nesha and Devin are wonderful parents and absolutely adore their precious babies.  I admired their gentle patience while chasing around two kiddos under the age of two!  Logan is a happy and curious two year old and Greyson is a laid back and delightful 8 month old.  Enjoy some of my favorites from this adorable session! -Stefanie

It took a lot of energy chasing these chubby little buns around to capture these adorable shots!  He is a mover :)

Logan’s room is beautifully decorated in vintage pink & gray accents!  Love her smiles as she showed me around her room!

Y’Nesha, you are such a beautiful mom!

Logan adores her baby brother!

And a quick outfit change for outdoor photos.  Isn’t Logan’s hair just fabulous??!!