Nolan + Stephanie + Nick + Baby  

Bloomington, IN:  We have photographed this family since Steph and Nick were married a few years ago and have captured Nolan since he was a baby.  Now baby number 2 is on it’s way!  All 3 of them are so thrilled to be expecting the new little one.  Stephanie chose to have their family photos taken at the Lake Monroe Sailboat Association.  This family LOVES spending time on their boat, so it was a fitting location.  We also found an area of abandoned train cars on the way down to the lake.  Nolan is obsessed with trains, so it made him a happy boy!

Nolan is FULL of personality!

Beautiful Momma!

  • Oh my goodness..could that little guy BE any cuter?? And I LOVE her dress with that pop of yellow scarf!!

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