Our Baby Boy’s Arrival!  

If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram then you already know from status updates and photos…Our baby boy entered the world 2 full weeks early on May 15, 2012!!!  After 26 hours of intense labor, Rhett Easton Childs was born at 12:50pm, weighed 8 lbs. 2 oz. and was 20.5 in long.  He is simply perfect in our eyes!  Every little noise he makes, cute facial expression and adorable movement truly melts our hearts.  Brock and I have been waiting to be parents for years and we have been blessed with such an amazing gift.  We are thankful every day that God chose us to be Rhett’s parents!  Everyone always tells you how much love you will have for your child, but we could never have imaged how much our hearts would be bursting with emotion, happiness and true LOVE.  Brock and I can’t stop staring at his squishy little face and cherishing the memories we are creating!

You may remember our dear friends (Talented photographers/Filmmakers)  Ben Poenisch and Megan Wynn from the spectacular film they created for us when we had our first ultra sound.  If not, check it in this post!  The day baby Rhett entered the world, we also had the pleasure of having the incredible moments captured by Ben and Megan.  Megan was in the delivery room to photograph his birth (and surprised us with video) and Ben perfectly documented moments throughout the delivery process with video.  Words can not express how priceless this film and photos are to us!  Having the most special day of our lives captured in such amazing ways, are a true gift!  We will treasure these for the rest of our lives and one day Rhett will know how much loved surround him on his day of birth!  Get ready to grab some tissues because this video below is full of love and emotion for our boy…pretty sure you will shed a tear!  Ben will be releasing his new video company (in addition to his photography company) called REWIND over the summer.  Be sure to stay plugged into his blog for updates!


Finally getting ready to push after 26 hours of labor (ended up pushing for 2 full hours).

So many overwhelming emotions and tears.

FINALLY seeing our boy for the first time!!!  Tears of happiness!!!

Love that small tear on Brock’s nose!

Rhett recognized our voices while getting cleaned up.  He turned and looked directly at us and it was a magical moment!

Sweet baby fingers!

Perfectly chunky baby boy!

Pure Happiness!

Waited 9 long months to kiss those baby toes that constantly kicked me during pregnancy!

And the little face that has changed our lives forever!

  • Wow! So beautiful!!!! He’s just perfect!!!! Wonderful video!

  • Absolutely beautiful photos! I would give anything to have had something like this for when my baby girl was born but the hospital did not allow for photo or video during delivery in the operating room. :( darn c-sections.
    You all are truly blessed and Rhett is a beautiful baby boy. Congratulations!!!! I wish you all the best!

  • GORGEOUS shots!!! And, um…you do NOT look like you just pushed for two hours! We also blogged our Little Bambino’s birth photos (http://katehawkinsphotography.weebly.com/2/post/2012/02/a-baby-story-one-month-late.html)…pretty special memories to have :) Blessing to both of you and sweet baby Rhett!

  • Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy! Though we have never met, I am a follower of your website as I, too, am an aspiring photographer. Your work is amazing! The video is a beautiful tribute to both of you! I had my oldest 23 years ago and didn’t own a camera or video camera at the time…three years later, I had twins by c-section…same thing. Enjoy your little man. You make a beautiful family!

  • Leah

    Beautiful!!! Can’t wait to meet him!

  • Congratulations! I love the way you put the video together.

  • Mel

    I cry every time…so precious. Happy birthday, sweet boy! We love you!!!

  • melanie

    how beautiful. i missed this last year! everything about it was perfect. you know i have a sweet spot of L&D:):) you looked marvelous too! dang mama!! was a little confused bc you def didn’t appear to be laboring naturally but you were in a chair?? please tell me that you weren’t 9.5 cm so casually rocking. gah! if so i’m completely jealous! at 9.5 my face was NOT pretty. and i was sweaty and on all fours. hahaha. anywho. glad you posted the link on IG. LOVEd watching. and your mama…she was so proud of her baby. she made me cry more than any of it! happy one year anniversary mama!

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