Rachel + Josh  

Indianapolis, IN:  This couple is beyond sweet!  Rachel and Josh have so much respect and love for one another and it is evident in their kind smiles and gracious words.  We don’t photograph many morning sessions however with the humid summer heat, it was a wise choice on their part.  We started the engagement session at Traders Point Creamery and ended at a gorgeous home where Rachel is currently living, while she finishes school.  Josh currently serves in our Military and we are so thankful for his service and for protecting our freedom!  Rachel and Josh will be getting married on New Years Eve and we can’t wait to be a part of their celebration!


  • Rachel Bomholt

    I am just so in love with all of our pictures! Not only because y’all are amazing at what you do, but because of the sweet memories these pictures bring to mind. That was such a fun morning getting to know you two, Josh and I had never done anything like that together before, I love the house where I live, and we had been anxiously awaiting this day for almost two years. So thanks for being such a huge part of it all. Could not be happier we will be with YOU on the big day! Thanks!

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