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S + B + Baby Boy!

If you are friends with either of us on Facebook, follow Brock on Twitter or we have had the opportunity to meet over the past few months…then you already know…we are expecting our first baby in May!!!  We are over-the-moon excited to be parents.  I am 6 months preggo right now and 4 weeks ago we found out we are having a boy!!!  The photo below on the left is a photo of our pregnancy announcement.  Our dear friend Ben Poenisch took the image for us back in November.  I was 3 months along and we could hardly wait to share the news with all of our friends.  We had endured 2 miscarriages during our marriage so we took our time telling everyone that wasn’t family or very close friends.  The photo on the right is at 19 weeks and almost everyone was taking bets that I was carrying a girl…but they were wrong!!!

Over the past several years we have been in the wedding industry, Brock and I have had the chance to make some amazing friends.  Friends who are always there for us when we need them and with who we know we will have a lasting relationship!  Two of those wonderful people are Ben Poenisch and Megan Wynn.  God has blessed us by allowing them to be in our lives.  When they found out what day we were having the ultrasound to find out our baby’s gender, they asked if they could come along to film the experience.  They told us their vision for a short film and we couldn’t wait to have the memory perfectly documented!  Ben and Megan did interviews with us at home and then captured our emotion on the morning we found out we were having a boy.  Brock and I truly can’t express how much this short film means to us.  We couldn’t have ask for it to be captured any more beautifully!  Megan and Ben are such creative people and it is evident in this movie.  We have probably watched the video a hundred times now and each time it brings tears of happiness to our eyes.  We cherish that someday our sweet baby boy will watch this film and know how much we already loved him before he was even born.  Brock and I also treasure that Ben and Megan captured our personalities, affection and joy we have for each other.  Regretfully, we haven’t been the best at documenting our lives through video over the past 9.5 years of being together.  We are thankful that we have this precious short video of us being ourselves and at such an exciting time.

We have waited to be parents for so long and Brock and I can’t wait to share photos and more video of our handsome baby boy when he arrives!    Stay tuned for Rhett Childs to make his debut at the end of May!

Enjoy the sweetest little movie below that was ever made :)  Don’t forget to listen to baby Rhett’s heartbeat at the very end…gets me every time!

Baby Childs from Ben Poenisch on Vimeo.

Update:  7 months preggo and the baby bump is growing!