{ Andrea + Chas + Ella + Addy + Jack + Lydia }

Lebanon, IN: We couldn’t adore this lovable family any more! We have been blessed to call them dear friends for many years now and have also had the honor of being asked to capture their ADORABLE family several times. Andrea has a heart of gold and is truly one of the most precious souls you will ever meet…can’t count the number of times we have been recipients of her kind heart and generosity! She constantly blesses everyone around her! Chas is a wonderful daddy and husband and has been such a great role model for us since we started our own family! And those 4 kiddos…could they be more darling? Ella, Addy, Jack and Lydia are some of the most well behaved, respectful and loving children you will meet! They each have their own unique personalities and beauty…I could photograph them all day!  We had one of my favorite sessions to date around a local farm and I had the HARDEST time narrowing down blog post images.  The 6 of them are always picture perfect and a true delight to photograph.  Enjoy! – Stefanie

Spunky and adorable little Lydia.
Beautiful Ella…Andrea’s mini-me!
The baby of the family…handsome little Jack.
Lovely Addy.
Andrea and Chas…you are a perfect match!
The last sweet baby…
Catching grasshoppers.
Jack, you melt me with those precious eyes!

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