{ Cora + Sadie+ Cullen + Dillion + Amy + Landry }

Lebanon, IN:  Our friends have the most gorgeous families and when I get to photograph those sweet relationships they end up being some of my absolute favorite sessions to date! Amy has become one of my dear friends through our church { TPCC } over the last few years and she has the most generous and loving heart! She is constantly caring for others and is a true beauty inside and out! Dillion is such an admirable, passionate and patient dad and a kind-hearted husband to his wife. Watching and documenting them interact loving with each other and then soaking up the joy of their children is truly heartwarming. And those 4 blonde beauties they have created are some of the cutest kiddos around…seriously the most adorable children!  They are full of laughter, pure sweetness and constant energy! Sadie, Cullen and Cora kept me cracking up and handsome baby boy Landry kept me on my toes { Since he is a fast new walker at 1 yr. } for their summer session on my favorite farm. I pushed this family of 6 through dinner, bedtime and exhausted kiddos for the perfect evening light…I know Amy and Dillion will think it was worth it…ended up with several hundred final images to give because I couldn’t stop shooting the unending cuteness that is this family!  Amy, thank you for valuing these images so very much!  Enjoy just some of my favorites!  – Stefanie

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