{ Kristin + Adam | Wedding Day }

Indianpolis, IN:  This lovely day was the start of our 2015 wedding season and what a wonderful celebration it was to capture!  We knew from the instant we first met Kristin and Adam that we would have a blast getting to know them and photographing the happiness they share as a couple.  Their 2014 engagement session was one of our favorites to date!  Kristin is a natural beauty and has one of best smiles and laughs you will ever find…she radiates joy and is such fun to be around.  Adam is charming, a sweetheart and has the utmost admiration for his Bride…one of the nicest guys you can meet!  Together they make one amazing pair and they are each other’s best friend!  Kristin and Adam’s ceremony took place at the always stunning Meridian Street United Methodist Church followed by an elegant reception at the Eitlejorg Museum in downtown Indy.  Our most genuine and kind-hearted couples always have the best friends and family surrounding them and this wedding day was filled with some of the sweetest guests.  It was a true honor to be chosen to be a part of the start of this marriage!  We know Kristin and Adam will live decades filled with laughter, adventure and devotion.  We adore you so very much K + A!

0001kristinadam2015 0002kristinadam2015 0003kristinadam2015 0004kristinadam2015 0005kristinadam2015 0006kristinadam2015 0007kristinadam2015Kristen’s perfect smile as she reads a letter from her Groom!
0009kristinadam2015 0010kristinadam2015K, you are gorgeous inside and out!
0012kristinadam2015 0013kristinadam2015Adam reading a letter from his Bride.
0015kristinadam2015 0016kristinadam2015A 1st meeting filled with happy tears, laughter and constant smiles!  These two have the best smiles!
0018kristinadam2015 0019kristinadam2015 0020kristinadam2015 0021kristinadam2015 0022kristinadam2015 0023kristinadam2015 0024kristinadam2015 0025kristinadam2015 0026kristinadam2015 0027kristinadam2015 0028kristinadam2015 0029kristinadam2015 0030kristinadam2015 0031kristinadam2015 0032kristinadam2015 0033kristinadam2015 0034kristinadam2015 0035kristinadam2015 0036kristinadam2015 0037kristinadam2015 0038kristinadam2015 0039kristinadam2015 0040kristinadam2015A sweet moment right after the ceremony.
0042kristinadam2015 0043kristinadam2015 0044kristinadam2015 0045kristinadam2015 0046kristinadam2015 0047kristinadam2015 0048kristinadam2015 0049kristinadam2015 0050kristinadam2015 0051kristinadam2015 0052kristinadam2015 0053kristinadam2015 0054kristinadam2015 0055kristinadam2015 0056kristinadam2015 0057kristinadam2015 0058kristinadam2015 0059kristinadam2015 0060kristinadam2015Jim Cerone {One of our favorite DJs} Kept the dance floor packed and the night running perfectly.

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