Meet Us // Our Family

Zionsville, IN:  2018 has us celebrating 13 years of marriage & being high school sweethearts of 16 years!!!   Such a milestone, as we have been a couple almost half our lives now!  We were engaged at the age of 18…seems crazy to some, but we were beyond ready to start our lives & begin our photography company together {2005}!  We were married for 7 years before we started our family & it was a precious time of growing personally & in our business, many fun/crazy adventures & constant memory making…wouldn’t trade that time for anything!   We welcomed our 1st baby boy in 2012…a little red-head, with bright blue eyes, named Rhett Easton.  He turns 6 yrs old this year & starts kindergarten, which we can’t believe!  These past several years have flown by FAST & he is one of the smartest, silliest & sweet little boys you will meet!  When Rhett was 2 year old, we had the suprise of our lives when we found out we were expecting TWIN GIRLS!!!  Hazel Rose & Emmaline Ruby arrived at the end of 2014 & we had 3 babies under 2.5 years old.  Our fraternal twins couldn’t be more different.  They look nothing alike & have completely different personalities…however now that they are 3 years old, they are becoming best of friends!  It has been such a treat to watch them become their own people!   Hazel is a free spirit & the extrovert…she has dark brown curly hair & naturally tan skin with bright blue eyes.   Emmaline is soft spoken & enjoys one-on-one time…she has dark blonde hair, light skin & sky blue eyes.  When we first found out we were having twins, we wanted them to be identical, however now that the girls have grown, we LOVE that they are their own people through & through.  They share a special twin bond but other than that, they are individuals & we can treat them as so.

Navigating the baby/toddler years with 3 littles was quite a wild ride for us…some of which was a blur!  Life in our 30s with kids however has become sweeter, more fun, exhausting yet rewarding, more memorable & has given us a clear perspective on life like none other.  Life simply gets better with age when you share your life with your favorite people & have your focus on God.  We can’t wait to see where this next decade takes us!

When we aren’t photographing weddings & portrait sessions, free moments are spent enjoying a simple life of cuddling our babies & playing in our backyard at home.  We also love traveling in our camper while exploring God’s creation in the great outdoors { Fishing, hiking, hunting & site seeing }!  We are involved in church & seek Christ daily.  One of our favorite things is searching for vintage treasures in antique stores & supporting other small businesses around us & when we travel.  Stefanie co-owns a bohemain chic boutique that is along the Brick Street in the Village of Zionsville & is online { Blooms & Linen } & Brock also runs the Real Estate side of our photography business { The Home Aesthetic } with a friend.  Cherishing time with our close friends & family is our highest priority!

Can’t wait to get to know you! – S&B  // Images captured by our dear friend Jamie Vester Photography