Oh this sweet baby boy we have…melting our hearts daily!  He is now 8 weeks old and we are finally getting a chance to post some photos from his 1st month of life, that we have taken.  Rhett was born during our busiest time of the year for our business, wedding season.  So we have been soaking up every second possible with him, as we adjust to our new life and schedule.  Due to being super busy with weddings, we haven’t had a chance to actually sit down and edit/post personal photos other than the delivery and our newborn session that were perfectly captured for us by friends.  We would like to say, Parenthood is simply AMAZING!!!  We always knew we wanted to have children together however we truly couldn’t have imagined how much we could love this little person.  Brock and I are also blessed to have grown even closer in our marriage since becoming a family of three.  We have been best friends and together almost every day since we were 17 (10 years)… but didn’t realize how much stronger our love for each other could be, until after our bundle of joy arrived.  Watching each other as a mom/dad has been the most rewarding feeling…hard to even put into words!  Having a baby really does puts life into perspective, slows you down and shows you what is truly important.  We have felt God’s loving arms around us during this new season in our lives.  We praise God for the tiny miracle that He has graciously allowed us to raise.  We anxiously awaited Rhett’s arrival through 2 miscarriages and many tear filled prayers.  In God’s PERFECT timing, He knew the special moment our Boy should meet us!  Enjoy some of the images from Rhett’s first month of life.  We are pretty smitten this our chunky cheeked little man! – Stefanie

1 month old!

2 weeks!

3 weeks.

1 month!  This photo cracks us up…looks like he is about to punch the camera 🙂

Brock’s first Father’s Day.  The photo on the right was part of Brock’s Father’s Day card.

Our Baby Boy – Month 1

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  1. Kellie

    July 14th, 2012 at 7:53 am

    Love these! He is so cute!!

  2. Jennifer Mace

    July 23rd, 2012 at 8:32 pm

    These are such precious photos! And he is so adorable! Looking forward to more pictures of your little man in the future!

  3. casey mullins

    August 29th, 2012 at 6:57 pm



    Sorry, seriously you guys, these are spectacular.