Indianapolis, IN:  Our last couple years have been quite the adventure since adding our twin baby girls, Emmaline Ruby & Hazel Rose to our family!  Parenting in general has been a wild ride for us over the last 4.5 years of having little Rhett Easton.  Even though Brock and I have been together for 15 years in 2017, we often can’t remember what it was like pre-kiddos!  Life truly gets better and better with age…change and learning new routines are often hard, however the happiness, growth and peace that we find as we age is something we have come to cherish.  At the end of 2016, we sold our house that we had loved-well since having babies.  It was a place that was filled with emotions of pure joy and some points sadness, extreme exhaustion during sleepless nights of 3 babies waking up at all hours and then caring for energy filled kids during the day, all of our twins 1st big milestones and Rhett growing into a little boy happened there, LOTS of laughter with friends, our kids becoming friends, delish dinners on our deck, dreaming up future plans as a married team and with close friends, creating new business { Blooms & Linen Boutique  &  The Home Aesthetic } and managing others during nap times and late nights, constant prayers and spiritual growth, learning to find balance in the midst of juggling parenting/being business owners….but most of all….Never ending LOVE!  We decided to move on from this home that we adored and renovated to our modern farmhouse style, because it was the perfect time to sell while we had plenty of equity built up… but could most importantly to fulfill our dreams and goals we had set using Financial Peace University over the last 6 years { Which we HIGHLY recommend for every married couple and especially faith-based small business owners to want to become debt free }.  We are now in the process of purchasing a new home locally and are beyond excited for what the future holds!

Before we moved out of this special place, I asked my dear friend Kelsey to document our lives one last time there.  She arrived early morning as we got our twins out of bed and we then headed to our kitchen to make pancakes for breakfast { One of Rhett’s favorite things to do/eat }.  So much of our life had been spent around the kitchen, cuddling in our bedroom, rocking/soothing babies in the nursery, enjoying our beautiful backyard and reading books in the rustic playroom…we do love being home but it was also because it was often too daunting of a task to leave the house with 3 kids under the age of 2.5 { when we brought the twins home }.  Every crevice of that space had precious meaning to us and Kelsey captured it SO well!  Life is beyond messy with multiple little ones but it is BEAUTIFUL at the same time!  Nothing is perfect in our house, lives or family but we treasure what we have created!  God has given us unmeasurable blessings and we are eternally grateful for this life we have been given!  Here are some favorites and a glimpse into what our day-to-day lives have recently looked like 🙂  Thank you Kelsey for giving us these gifts of memories forever frozen in time!!!  XOXO, Stefanie


Our free-spirited beauty, Hazel Rose who keeps us on our toes!
Our shy and sweet Emmaline 🙂
Rhett’s favorite thing to do is wrestle with his daddy…their relationship brings such a smile to my heart!
One of our favorite parts of the nursery was the Anthropologie wall paper!  My accent wall dream come true! 
Love the busyness in this image…perfect snapshot of life 🙂
Those two make me melt!
Little mommas in training with the kitchen utensils and baby dolls!
Pancake making!

The girls have been in/out of those chairs about 6 times a day for the last 1.5 years 🙂
Love his long stories he always tells me 🙂

{ Our Family | 2016 }



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