How is our chunky little monkey already out of the “Newborn” stage?!  Rhett turned 4 months on 9/15…how can this be???  We knew the summer would FLY by with our busy wedding and portrait season but had no idea it would seem to go SO FAST!  Life is the best yet and we are constantly amazed with the tiny person we created.  We stare at Rhett’s precious face and are starting to notice traits that resemble us.  He makes us laugh daily and is really starting to enjoy interaction…Rhett’s giggle is hilarious and he loves to watch our movements and listen to our voices.  He is growing like a weed…already in 6 month clothes!  It was a sad day when we packed up all of his newborn sleepers and onsies but we are blessed to have a healthy baby. When Rhett was first born, everyone told us “The first 3 months are the hardest, but survive to month 4 and life is much easier”.  They sure were right!  Rhett has always been a wonderful baby but his sleeping and eating schedules had been hard to grasp.  We knew that in the first 12 weeks, if we could just master his sleeping and eating…our days and nights would be a piece of cake!  Well, once we got through month 3, Rhett is a new little man!!!  He decided he would start sleeping through the night at 10 weeks (we were shocked when we woke up one morning and realized he didn’t cry all night long…woohoo!) and around that same time, started eating every 2-3 hours on a daily basis!  There are always things changing from day to day but for the most part, we feel like successful parents (at least as of now).   We are however just a tinsie bit behind on publishing a few images from his 3 month session.  Our dear friend Ben Poenisch captured some darling images for us and it was our first outdoor session as a family!  Rhett however wanted NOTHING to do with getting his photo taken on the HOT August evening…he basically cried the entire time and finally fell asleep.  We are constantly photographing families who happen to have fussy babies…it was now OUR turn to be the parents on the other side of the camera…the mom/dad who are just plain exhausted and can’t do anything to console their screaming babe.  We all pushed through Rhett’s tiredness, as Ben photographed us in the stunning light of sunset.  Ben, we can’t thank you enough for capturing all of the special memories and moments since the beginning of our pregnancy!

Rhett with his cousins Brooklyn (4) and Logan (1)…doesn’t he look thrilled to be sitting in the grass for the first time?

Our Family | Rhett Month 3



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  1. shari coleman

    September 29th, 2012 at 12:54 pm

    You make a beautiful family. He is a real cutie.

  2. gg

    September 29th, 2012 at 7:37 pm

    So blessed!