Our sweet, chunky little man is now 1 year old!  We say it all the time, but truly can’t believe how fast the last year has gone by.  I felt like I was pregnant forever and now looking back, it was such a tiny amount of time…then when we finally got to meet Rhett, the newborn stage (of sleepless nights and constant feedings) seemed to go on for eternity.  Looking back now, it was like we blinked and the past (almost) 2 years of pregnancy and babyhood was over!  Watching our baby become a little boy has been truly amazing to witness.  In our eyes, he is the smartest child we know…figuring out how to feed himself, sit up, crawl, pull up, start to walk with help, learn how to talk, mimic words we say, playing with toys like a big boy and the list goes on and on!  We know all parents think this and we are beyond proud when Rhett accomplishes a milestone.  Brock and I feel like we need to throw a party when we jump one hurdle, that seemed like would never happen (taking consistent naps, sleeping through the night, crawling vs. army crawling, etc).  We often look back and realize we should have had more patience and treasured those times that seemed hard as parents…we now however look into the future with excitement to see what is in store for us next and what we can accomplish as a family!

Our little “Bean”, as we have called him, is our pride and joy!  He is our biggest accomplishment in life and we will truly never be the same people because of him.  We thought we knew who we were as a couple and people, but once we became parents, Brock and I quickly found out the who we needed to become.  Having Rhett changed our hearts and souls.  Parenthood brought our relationship with Christ to the forefront in our lives, made us more responsible financially,spiritually, and emotionally.  It also made us cherish and value every minute of the day!  When our schedules quickly started revolving around every 2 hour naps and every 2.5 hour feedings and constant loads of laundry and packing/unpacking diaper bags and the suv to leave the house…on top of working full time with 2 businesses and being full time parents…becoming strict with a schedule was key to living a happy and balanced life.  God new we needed Rhett to grow into mature adults in our late 20s (we always thought we were as mature as they come) but comparing ourselves to the people we are now, vs before parenthood, there is a clear difference!  We love being a family and a mommy and daddy…of course we still have our daily challenges of managing the business of general life, but it is worth every ounce of hard work.  Happiness doesn’t come easy, you have to work for it and we are giving it all we’ve got!  Brock and I have so many dreams for what Rhett will become someday and the road we desire for him to travel.  We are doing our best to pray for him daily and ask for God’s protection on his little life.  We are beyond proud of Rhett now and we can’t wait to see what he will accomplish in the coming years!!!

The images below are a combination from months 7 through 11, leading up to his 1st birthday!  The mixture of photos are from Rhett’s 1st Christmas, Easter, Winter, Spring and many random images from around our house.  As easy as it may seem,  finding time to actually photograph this cute face, as often as we would have liked, has been difficult.  When we capture clients, we are on a tight time frame of prepping for a shoot, completing the session and then getting the images edited/online.  But when we finally have down time to just enjoy being parents, the camera isn’t our highest priority.  We would like it to be more, but we just try to live in the moment and not “work” when we are together.  But we have tried our best to be consistent and have a “mini” photo session with Rhett every month (with the “pro camera”), in addition to all of the Instagram/Iphone photos we take weekly.  You would think a photographer’s child would LOVE the camera but it is the opposite…he shys away from it and ignores my constant “smile for mama” plea 🙂

We hope you will enjoy taking a look into our lives with our sweet baby.  Our favorite parts of Rhett during the last 5 months:  His funny giggle, bright blue eyes, creamy fair skin, strawberry blonde hair (which we have been so shocked by, since we are both dark brown), endless chubby rolls (He weighed 23 pounds at 9 months old), sweet and gentle spirit (he likes to cuddle) and joyful expressions when he gets excited.  Overall, Brock and I just love seeing him happy!  There is no greater joy than seeing your child laugh and be care free…knowing he feels safe and loved.  We hope Rhett will always be a loveable and kindheart person! – Stefanie

Starting out with a favorite from Rhett at 10 months old…I almost died from cuteness!

Rhett got to be a baby model for an outdoor themed child clothing company, called Button Buck.  We’d say he pretty much nailed the onesie look 🙂

His 1st time to play in the snow!  He enjoyed it for a few minutes before getting chilly!

Oh this sweet face!  Melts our hearts!!!

Rhett’s 1st Christmas.  We attended many holiday celebrations with family and friends!  He was passed around and given many hugs and kisses!

His favorite ornament was this set of antlers with bells attached!

He received many wonderful gifts from family, but of course he loved playing with the paper and boxes the most 🙂

Spent quality time with Great-Grandparents, cousins and Grand-parents.

Rhett’s cousins, Brookly and Logan.

Everyone enjoys snuggling with a chubby baby in only a diaper! (Photos with Stefanie’s brother-in-law, mom and sister)

Rhett adores his cousins Brookly and Logan!  They are so sweet with him and will be best of friends someday!

Christmas day was spent with Stefanie’s side of the family.

Family photo taken by our dear friend Ben!

Rhett is so silly in the bathtub!  He loves to splash, laugh and play with his rubber ducky and bath toys!

Taken by Ben!

Stefanie’s parents and sister’s kiddos.

Love those chubby baby buns!!!

During month 7-9, he always had his tongue sticking out…cracked us up!!!

Loves rolling around in bed with daddy!

Silly boy with his tongue out 🙂

Post bath shenanigans with daddy!

Rhett’s 1st Valentines Day photos and a e-card that “he” made to text/email out to friends/family 🙂

He was almost too chubby to fit in the kitchen sink for baths, around 8 months 🙂

His bright eyes are our favorite part of him!

Finally started growing hair around 9 months!

Watching him learn to feed himself was such a fun experience…becoming independent was sad for us at first but is now very exciting!

He rarely sucks his thumb (which we find adorable) but he sometimes sneaks it in while eating!

This is his mischievous smirk!

It was a crazy day when Rhett discovered how to break out of the baby gate at 9 months!  We were not prepared for him to be mobile throughout the entire house!  When he does escape, he crawls as fast as he can and laughs hysterically…cracks us up!

Love his profile and baby buns!

Being silly 🙂

Learning to share and play with toys at friend’s houses has been a fun experience.  So far he is nice and friendly! (The photo on the left is with his girlfriend Grace)

Daddy is the fun one…Rhett prefers him when he wants to have fun and play with toys!

Rhett’s 1st Easter was filled with worship at our church, baskets of goodies from Grandmas, spending time with family and a few family photos.

Love our little family and this chubby little man…who was irresistibly cute sitting naked in a field!

Below are some of our favorite iphone/Instagram photos of our family during Rhett’s 7-11 months of life.  Random snapshots of our day to day happenings!

Our hearts melted when we would walk into a room and Rhett would be looking at a book, all by himself!

We spend a LOT of time snuggling in bed as a family!  Typically when we all first wake up and before Rhett’s naptimes…when working from home, we end up with some crazy hours and need to take snuggle breaks!

He has always enjoyed being on the move!  His favorite has been his walker, now that he can move from room to room all by himself!

It has been difficult to have consistent date nights between our busy schedules but in 2013, we have tried to make it more of a priority!  The photo on the right was taken at our New Years Eve wedding this past year 🙂

Learning to crawl and pull up!

Great Grandma Betty loves her baby boys!  She always enjoys feeding Rhett and tries to get as many cuddles in as possible!  So thankful to have her in our lives!!!

We have had many playdates with cousins over the past several months!

And we have had Dr. appointments to help battle ear infections, runny noses, cough, etc!  We do enjoy the extra snuggle time during sickness 🙂

Short coffee dates and family outings planned around nap times!

We will always treasure our family time in bed!  Some of our happiest moments!

Curing cabin fever by bundling up and getting outdoors during the cold winter!  We couldn’t wait for spring to arrive this year!!!

Rhett outgrew his baby car seat at 9 months!  We had to do a comparison to see how much he has changed, since the day we brought him home from the hospital 🙂

These curious hands…discovering the exciting new world around him everyday, is thrilling to witness!

His buddy Ruben turned 1 in January!  Love that we have friends with boys so close in age!

One the move throughout the house 🙂

Many visits with friends and babies!

Buddies Jett and Ruben 🙂

Spring finally arrived late in Indiana!  We started our garden, watched baby birds come to life in our yard and started planning for Rhett’s 1st birthday party!

Had our 1st Easter and Mother’s Day celebrations!

Stefanie’s 28th birthday celebrations!

Started weekly hikes in our favorite parks!

Warm air and sunshine was good for our souls, after a LONG dreary winter!

Rhett got to play in the grass for the 1st time!  He loves the feeling of it in his toes 🙂

Crawling everywhere and learning to climb up stairs!

Stroller/park dates with our friends.

Rhett adores our Chocolate Lab named Bo….he yells out “Bo Bo” constantly! Since Rhett has become mobile, Bo however tries to avoid him, so he doesn’t get poked in the eyes, run over in the walker or his fur pulled.  Love when we can capture sweet moments of them together.  (On the right and below) We also had Rhett’s 1 year photos taken by our dear friends the Carpenters and video captured by Ben a couple weeks before his birthday.  Below are only iphone photos, but we will be posting more soon!

Our Family | Rhett Months 7-11



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