Rhett had quite the 1st Christmas!  He got to attend many celebrations, open dozens of adorable presents and have plenty of snuggle time with friends and family.  We have been extremely blessed to have him in our lives these past 7 months and we don’t take a single second for granted!  Christmas is one of our favorite times of year and we have been waiting so long for our sweet baby to join our lives.  During this holiday season, we slow down to reflect on our Savior’s birth and how important this time is for our faith.  We had the pleasure of attending an amazing Christmas eve service at our church last night.  Brock worshipped by sharing his harmonica talent at all 3 services during the afternoon/evening.  Couldn’t have been more proud of my man…he did fantastic!   Today we spent the morning with some of Brock’s family and the rest of the day at mine.  Rhett enjoyed playing with his cousins, giggling and cuddling with Great-Grandparents/Grandparents/Aunts and trying some new tasty food 🙂  Below is our 1st Christmas card as a family!  Our dear friend Melody photographed us for our holiday photos a few weeks ago and we had several favorites!  She is so very talented and we are thankful to have them images to cherish for a lifetime!  Rhett was a total HAM for the camera and didn’t even seem to mind the chilly winter air.  We love our little baby Bean, Bug, Bear (His nicknames are endless, poor child probably doesn’t even know his real name yet) to pieces!

We wish all of our clients and friends a wonderful holiday season and nothing but joy in the new year!  – Stefanie ( & Brock + Rhett)

This boy ADORES his Daddy!  Can’t you feel his love in this smile??!!

Daddy’s mini-me 🙂

Believe it or not, he actually started growing hair over the past could weeks!  It was bleach blonde when born and it is starting to grow in reddish brown!

This is his new “Embarrassed” face.  He stated making it over the last few weeks and it cracks us up every time!

Our Family | Rhett’s 1st Christmas



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  1. Aunt Pam

    December 26th, 2012 at 1:30 pm

    What wonderful pictures and memories!  Hope your Christmas was great….

  2. Leah

    January 26th, 2013 at 6:26 am

    ADORABLE!!!! Can’t wait to meet him!