{ Our Family | Summer 2015 }

So many favorite images from our own summer family session last July with our dear friend and super talented photographer Kelsey!  Our twin fraternal baby girls were almost 8 months old and mastering their next big milestone of starting to fully sit up on their own.  It had also been quite surprising how different our girls are in every way!  Emmaline Ruby is perfectly chubby, loves to cuddle { And usually prefers mommy}, is the best sleeper of the 3, has the creamiest skin and bright blue eyes and she also has the sweetest little quiet spirit about her.  Hazel Rose has been a loud free spirit since birth…she wants to be on the go and NEVER still { Or will sleep very long }, she also likes to be on her own schedule, has the most vibrant smile,  LOVES to laugh and interact with her older brother, prefers her daddy { Because he is silliest } and she simply soaks up the world around her with her constant curiosity.  Rhett had recently turned 3 years old on May 15th and was as spunky as ever!  He has a kind and gentle soul however he is also a wild tiny red-head!  It was a beautiful warm summer evening back in July at my favorite farm and despite all 3 kiddos having major crying meltdowns on the car ride to the shoot, everyone was actually pretty well behaved for Kelsey { I was crossing my fingers!!! with 3 kiddos under 3…I knew the challenge it would be }!  We also brought along the wooden rocking chair that my own mom rocked me in as a baby…so very special to now cuddle my babies in it!  Brock and I are beyond blessed to have been chosen to raise these little blessings.  The baby/toddler stage is a tough one..full of CONSTANT challenges, little sleep and is a juggling act…but is also extremely rewarding at the same time!  Thank you to Kelsey for always being the most thoughtful friend to us and capturing so many gorgeous images that we will cherish for a lifetime!  – Stefanie

The rocking chair my own mom rocked me in as a baby!
{ Emmaline Ruby + Hazel Rose }

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