{ Our Rhett Easton | 3 Yrs Old }

It’s birthday week for our handsome little blue eyed, curly-red-headed guy! Can’t believe we are already at 3 years old…sometimes he still seems like a baby when he wants to cuddle with his pacie and blankie but other moments I feel like I am chatting with a 1st grader because he is extremely smart for his age, kind hearted and hilarious! The sentences and big boy words he comes up with, how he memorizes his favorite books, his sweet prayers in his quite tiny voice and his thoughtfulness for those he loves truly stop us in our tracks daily! Yet he also has a wild and strong-willed side that can make us a bit crazy on some days but in the future we know that those traits will make him a great leader! Thankful Rhett Easton was chosen to be ours! This little backyard mini shoot was his Mother’s Day gift to me…perfection! ¬†Obsessed with that joyful little charming face! – Stefanie


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