Indianapolis, IN:  Our baby’s 1st birthday was something we have looked forward to all year long.  It is a huge milestone for Rhett and for us as 1st time parents!  We decided to throw the party at one of our favorite locations, Eagle Creek Park.  We have spent so much time there before having a baby and since Rhett’s birth.  We love going to this park to hike, canoe and when we just need an escape from the craziness of life.  It has been our place of relaxation and fun, when we have free time!  Some of our close friends threw us a couples baby shower at Eagle Creek last May and 9 days before Rhett was born.  That day was wonderful and we knew having Rhett’s 1st birthday there, would be too!  One major difference though was the frustrating Indiana weather.  Last year it was hot and sunny and this year it was cold, rainy and just plain dreary.  Of course Rhett didn’t know the difference and he had a blast playing on the playground and getting passed around by friends and family.  It rained most of the day…the decorations/food/guests got soaked and we were all chilly but the importance of the day wasn’t dampened! Rhett’s favorite part of the party was playing with balloons for the 1st time.  Watching him laugh hysterically at them was the highlight of OUR day.  He was a little intimidated by all of the 50+ guests singing happy birthday to him!  He also didn’t know what to think of his 1st taste of a sugary cupcake.  We had to break off a piece and put it into his mouth before he would touch it.  He is OUR child though and will become addicted to sweets someday soon 🙂  Most of the images below are taken while under umbrellas during downpours.  The party decor is made of items from Rhett’s nursery and our house.  We are obsessed with all things antique and rustic, so it made decorating for the party, quite easy!  Over the coming weeks we will post video from Rhett’s party and from his 1st year of life.  Can’t wait to see what our friend Ben is creating for us (Check out Rewind Documentaries)!!!  – Stefanie

Rhett’s favorite book over the past year has been the Very Hungry Caterpillar and these blocks, chair and deer antlers are decor in his nursery.

Most of the party decor was furniture and items from Rhett’s nursery and around our house.  Made for some easy planning and decorating because we are antique and rustic obsessed 🙂

Brock created this cupcake stand out of old firewood…we were pretty proud of the outcome!  Found the cute woodland animal cupcake toppers from this Etsy site!

Rhett LOVED seeing/playing with balloons for the 1st time.  He laughed hysterically while pulling on the strings and letting the balloons hit his face 🙂  The birthday boy also got this new wagon from my parents, as a gift.  He has an antique one in his room that holds books and toys, but now has one to actually play with outdoors!

Carmel apples are one of our favorite treats and we had fun making these as a family!  Loved having photos of Rhett’s 1st year, displayed at his party too.

He was a little intimidated by the 50+guests that were singing happy birthday to him!  He also had never really had sugar, so Rhett was unsure of the taste of his cupcake 🙂

Delicious carrot cake, apple pie and pineapple/strawberry punch.

We insisted our friends and family not bring gifts, but rather just celebrate this exciting milestone with us.  Some couldn’t resist and Rhett received some adorable clothes, money, toys and more.  One special present was the hand-carved wooden sign (on the left) from our friends Kurtis + Jen.  It is now hanging in Rhett’s nursery and it will always be one of our favorite gifts we have been given!  Isn’t is unique?!?

Some of his nursery decor, taken outdoors.

Love this sweet 1 year old face!

Dodging the rain under the shelter house and all of the parents and kids playing on the playground!

He finally decided to try the sugary cupcake!  Thank you to our fantastic Friend Wade for photographing us during the cake smash!

A coloring station (which got rained out) and some decor from Rhett’s nursery.

Watermelon is our absolute favorite food on earth and now Rhett loves it too.  We had to serve it at his party!  One of the gift bags on the right…filled with sidewalk chalk, silly straws, fruit snacks, sparklers and bubbles.

Rhett with my parents and Brock’s momma.  It was so cold and dreary on this May day, everyone was bundled up trying to stay warm and dry.

The last few photos we taken at our couples baby shower exactly 1 year before Rhett’s party.  It was thrown by our amazing friends and these precious photos were taken by our dear friend Ben!

It was a hot/humid May day and 9 days before Rhett was born…my belly was about to bust!!!

Rhett | Our Baby’s 1st Birthday Party



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