So much has happened in our lives over the past 3 months, since we last blogged about our little family.  Rhett is growing into such a “Big Boy” and we are in constant awe of him!  Our last blog post, he was 3 months old and he is now 7 months!  Over the Autumn months, Rhett has had many “Firsts”.  We have tried to document as many of them as possible!  Sometimes with our Pro cameras but often through Instagram (Because we ALWAYS have our phones handy).  Rhett has now learned to roll-over, sit up with minimum support, eat baby food, smile and laugh just about every time he locks eyes with us, grab every thing in his reach (Then try to stuff it in his mouth), hold his arms out for us to pick him up (Melts us), cry/laugh during many outdoor photo shoots, grab at our 2 dogs, hold his toes while laying down, ride in the shopping cart and stroller without his car-seat and many more new experiences!  He was also very active with many trips to new places like going to the Indiana State Fair, 2 pumpkin patches, several local parks (Loved swinging/people watching), many stroller rides around the neighborhood and city parks, cookouts with friends and family, play-dates with friends, started going to the nursery at church (He often cries but has his favorite care-takers to comfort him) and several others we are forgetting.

One of the highlights at 5 months, was getting to dedicate Rhett at our church.  We vowed to raise him in a Christian home and always have God as the center of our family!  We pray everyday for God to use Rhett’s little life for His glory and for us to be a Christ-like example to Rhett as he grows.  There is no greater JOY than to know God is protecting our precious baby!  More than ever we are realizing how much Rhett yearns for our FULL attention.  The moment we lock eyes, he gives the biggest smile and giggle.  He has truly revealed to us that time is what truly matters in life…not money or possessions…he only desires our time and attention!  Our boy has been teaching us to slow down, work less and focus on what is important in life.  As we have learned to be parents, our marriage continually becomes stronger!  We now ALWAYS have to be teammates!  There is no doing this on our own.  We are falling more in love with one another with each passing day!  We have learned to be more patient, considerate, willing to help…and run on little sleep!  Yes, Rhett has now decided he likes to get us up several nights throughout the week now.  We have found that when we are sleep deprived, it just takes more effort to slow down and show more love to each other.  Of course we still have “Bad Days” but we are learning to LOVE more and cherish the moments we are given.

We are also at the place of  “Baby-proofing” our entire house…Stocking up on baby gates and outlet covers, while moving around furniture and hiding breakables.  We felt we had more time before he would be mobile but the crawling is about to begin!  This first year is FLYING by and we are trying to keep up.  Life doesn’t slow down…we were just discussing last week what the theme of his 1 year party would be!  WHAT???  How are we already almost there?  Oh well…we are trying to embrace each stage with excitement, rather than sadness as we close other chapters of baby-hood.   Our boy also had to endure getting his first 2 teeth at the same time.  We felt we weren’t properly warned about the terrors of a teething baby!  It was rough stuff but we endured.  It made us so sad to watch our baby be in so much pain and go through all of the symptoms!  Hoping that his next round of teeth won’t be nearly as painful for him!  The personality that Rhett is developing makes us laugh daily!  Everyday he does something hilarious and we constantly feel that our baby is the most intelligent one around (Surely all parents believe this).  We have our ups and downs from week to week but life couldn’t be better.  A favorite part of our day is going into Rhett’s room when we wakes in the morning.  He is waiting for us with the biggest grin of excitement!  There really isn’t any better feeling that your baby being happy to just be held by you!  Rhett Easton has completed us and we feel blessed everyday God chose us to be his parents!!!

Below is a mixture of some of our favorite photos of our sweet boy, from months 4-6.  We can’t believe how fast he is growing and the unique personality he is developing from week to week.

He looks so much like his Daddy!

Snuggling in bed is one of our favorite daily activities!  Nothing better!!!

Seriously…could he be more precious with that creamy skin and bright blue eyes??!!

One of his favorite places had been under his play-mat.  He has since graduated to an exersaucer once he started rolling over 🙂

His first time playing in the colorful leaves!  He mostly just wanted to suck on them 🙂

Rolling over has been quite the challenge for our Bug…He easily rolls from back to belly, but can’t seem to learn to roll back over.  This leads to many tears of frustration for him but he is slowly learning 🙂

He discovered his bottom lip and frequently chews on it!  This creates some hilarious facial expressions that crack us up!

Rhett LOVES his electric mobile over his bed and sound machine lamb.  These have helped him fall asleep almost every nap time and bed time since birth.

First food was pureed peas!  He gave us MANY crazy expressions but in the end really like them.  He also likes to rub his cute baby toes together while he eats.  Ahhhh!!!!

Loves to babble and coo while reading books, getting his diaper changed and playing in his room.

Daddy is usually his favorite playmate.  Nobody can make him laugh like his daddy!

Rhett so enjoys bathtime!  He splashes and constantly tries to grab the wash cloths so he can suck on it.  He also LOVES snuggle time with mommy in his rocker.  Times we will treasure forever!


He has the most kissable baby toes (And chubby rolls ever)!

His straining face while trying to enjoy tummy time…usually ends in tears and then cuddles 🙂

We had family photos taken with Stefanie’s side of the family in September.  These are her adorable parents/Rhett’s Gigi and Papaw.  Thank you to our good friend and talented photog Ben Poenisch for taking the family photos.

Stefanie’s brother and her sister’s family.

Love Rhett’s Great-Grandma!  She is such a special woman in our lives!

With Gigi + Pappaw and his cousin’s Brooklyn + Logan.

And below are just a few of the snapshots our lives through Stefanie’s Instagram feed (sbchildsphoto).  We are kind of obsessed with our camera phones and here are just some of our favorite family photos from the last few months:

Our Family | Rhett Months 4-6



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