2014 was full of many amazing events for us…so much so that we hadn’t had spare time to post any personal photos to the blog!  We sold the 1st home we had lived in for 9 years/built at 19 when we got married…then moved into a new home in April.  Then shortly after found out I was pregnant again!  This would be my 4th pregnancy since we had endured 2 miscarriages in the past.  We decided we wanted to use a midwife this time around and have a home birth…so for the 1st several weeks I only received doppler heartbeat monitoring.  Around week 18 our midwife thought I was measuring quite large for where I should be with only carrying 1 baby.  We had our gender reveal/1st full ultrasound scheduled that same week…so we were thinking we would be told that our due date was simply miscalculated and I was further along than we had thought.   Well…as soon as the ultrasound started…2 BABIES popped up on the screen!!!  Not 1…BUT 2!!!  And 2 GIRLS!!!   We were completely STUNNED and in complete shock trying to process the news.  This was a life changing day and forced us to have to re-think much of our lives…in a good way but also presented many new challenges we would have to face…1 being that we would have THREE babies under 3 years old!  Rhett had just turned 2 in May!  Whew!  As the weeks passed by I kept working as much as ever since we were in busy wedding season, running 2 businesses, trying to unpack/decorate a new house, chase around a 2 year old and keep up with all of our personal commitments with church/family life and oh…grow 2 humans all at the same time.  Let’s just say there was a lot going on 🙂  But in the mean time God was working in unique ways while teaching us to fully trust Him…with our business, time, finances and most importantly our family.  We had to trust that HE chose us to be the parents to these miracles and He would provide all we would need to raise them…all 3.  I made it through shooting almost all of our fall weddings into mid-October until our new Doctor said it wasn’t safe to be on my feet anymore.  We had some of the most generous photographer friends who stepped in to shoot along side Brock for our last few weddings.  Once we hit November I could hardly walk anymore without constant pain and I didn’t know how much longer I could keep the tiny gals growing inside me.  I was about to burst and hardly sleeping anymore from being beyond uncomfortable.  At 35 weeks the little ladies decided they would make their entrance into the world!  I was able to push those beautiful babies out!  No C-Section was a such a blessing and answer to many prayers!  Being 5 weeks early we were shocked how large they were as premies!  Hazel Rose { 6.7 } and Emmaline Ruby { 5.8 } were born on 11.24.14.  As perfect as could be and everything we could have dreamed of…the best surprise ever!  Our family of 5 was complete.

The beginning of this post are some favorites from Rhett’s 2 year session and what was suppose to be our pregnancy announcement session { Before we knew about the twins } captured by our dear friend Kelsey.  The middle is full of random Iphone snapshots/photos taken during pregnancy and the end are cherished pictures that perfect document the twins delivery captured by our other talented/Bff Melody!

Rhett LOVES his daddy!  Nobody can make him laugh like his dad does 🙂

His blankie is his most prized possession and was knitted by his Great Aunt Jeanie.
Love this wild boy!
Captured by daddy at 24 weeks!
Social media announcement photos for the TWINS!!!
Newly preggo!
Mother’s day 2014.
Brock and I had a little get-away in Tybee Island while capturing a wedding their last May.   Then many adventures to the Indianapolis Zoo with our boy!
A summer full of weddings!
Many pool parties, swimming and summer fun with Rhett’s cousins!
Once we found out there were twins I was at the Doctor’s office for monitoring every other week and then weekly.  
Rhett LOVES summer and we had so many fun adventures this past year!

Our 1st garden in our new home!
Prepping for babies and many slow tired mornings…
During early fall we started collecting adorable items for the girls! 
We so enjoyed evenings in our new backyard!
Shooting while preggo became harder and harder with that growin belly!
Decorating the nursery!
Baby Shower with all of my favorite ladies given by my mom and sister!
Daddy’s little hunting buddy in his camo!
Whew!  Still can’t believe how giant my belly was…
Rhett’s big boy personality started to really shine through when he started going to preschool a few days each week.

34 weeks!  1 week before delivery and about to pop!  I wouldn’t have ever been able to make it longer…the girls were born 5.5 weeks early.  I had no more room to carry them!

Monday 11.24 ended up being the day!  I started having strong contractions around 7:30am and the babies were born that afternoon. 
Can’t tell you how amazing my husband is and how much he means to me!  Beyond thankful he is the father of my babies!
I had to deliver in the OR incase I would need an emergency C-Section with twins.  Answer to many prayers…I was able to push them out on my own!
This image will forever be one of my favorites for the rest of my life!
Since the babies were so early they had to spend 11 days in the Nicu while they learned to eat/breathe on their own.  Nothing will ever prepare you to leave your babies right after birth.  Was the LONGEST 11 days ever but thankful it was a short stay compared to many premature babies.
Rhett meeting his sisters for the 1st time!  Then us finally getting to take the girls home!
Hazel Rose | Emmaline Ruby

{ TWINS | Our Pregnancy Surprise }



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  1. Todd Parker

    July 12th, 2016 at 8:55 pm

    I feel kinda strange being the only commenter here and being a guy at that,but when I discover a blog that’s as WONDERFUL as yours is,I simply CAN’T keep quiet about it.Perhaps I shouldn’t say this,for your husband may not like it,but you truly are one of the most BREATHTAKINGLY BEAUTIFUL pregnant women anyone could ever HOPE to see!!!THANKS for sharing all of those GLORIOUS and MAJESTIC images with us!!!!!!!!!!!